Veggie Box

Veggie box full
Today I’m gonna talk about one thing that Nathalie and I both do. It’s the veggie box.
Actually she was the one who told me about: She started to buy this veggie box every single week and told us about. I though that would be a great idea to help us eating more vegetables and it is also a great way to support the local farmers.

It is an easy way to have fresh and organic vegetables, and it’s super easy to get it. You  just need to log in on their website and pay $21.80 for a small box and it’s good for 2 persons, but if you have a big family you can ask for the big box and I think it’s good for 4  persons or more.
Veggie box empty

Also, you can ask for extra veggies or fruit and pay the extra, but I think with this way we save money. 🙂 You don’t have to go so far to pick up your veggies, you can chose the closest place to get your fresh veggies.

This is the website:

So, that’s it for today, and hope you liked it. 🙂 Have a great weekend everyone.