Irvine Spectrum Shopping Center


Today I’m going to talk about a shopping mall which is here in Irvine, very close to Gabi’s, Carolina’s and my own place. I do like this shopping mall because it’s different from others around here and specially quite different from Europe.IMG_2835

Who doesn’t like to walk, see new things and eventually buy new things and breath fresh air? Or get some sun when you’re buying new clothes? You’re definitely more happy than just be under a ceiling, right?  🙂IMG_2836

Well, I do recommend this place, and for those who live close to it, like us, it’s a really nice walk to the mall and you don’t even have to take your car. But obviously you can take it if you want to. 😛 They offer lots of public parking, and it’s really easy to find a parking spot to leave your baby. Also you can feel pretty safe once you are there.IMG_2833

For those who love movies, they have a big theater with lots of rooms, including IMAX and RPX. All the chairs are very comfy, so you can watch your show relaxed and have a great time there. The only thing that I don’t like is the popcorn, but it’s just my Portuguese vein speaking, because in Portugal we are used to the popcorn with sugar and here they’re only serve them with salt. Funny, huh? Cultures. 😉IMG_2845

On the other hand, if you just want to go there for a walk, have fun, have an ice cream or a small lunch or simply have a chat with your friends, you can take advantage of all the seating areas in the mall. Some are close to a nice fountain which I like a lot. Also you can take a ride on the giant wheel which is super nice and fun to go on, and it’s not expensive. I’ve already tried it and obviously like it a lot. One advice though, don’t go at night, because you can’t see the “city”; go during the day or even during sunset, that would be perfect. 😀

Also, the Spectrum offers activities for kids such as a merry-go-around. It is a great way to spend a really cool afternoon with them.

I do recommend this place, even for those who live close to it and start getting tired of it, go there and try to see this shopping mall with other eyes, life is good and beautiful and we have to taste it and enjoy it every single day!


After talking so much about the Spectrum, and because today it’s a beautiful day, I might  follow my own advice and go to the mall really quick. Who wanna join me???

Have a great weekend and enjoy the little things in life because they are the best and they’re free. 😛