C’est le pied!

le pied

A few months ago, I taught you how to express your surprise, disbelief or that something is brilliant or wicked to you in German. The German says “Das ist der Hammer!”.

Today it is a post of how the French express a similar situation. They like to use body parts and say “C’est le pied!”: “This is the foot!”. It is mostly used to express a positive surprise, that something is “awesome”. According to some websites, this expression is related to the joy of the woman in a sexual act and how her foot position would be. Ah les French and l’amour!

I hope that your day will be “le pied”!



Le coeur gros

le coeur gros

“Avoir le coeur gros” means in French that you are sad. That you have a heavy heart. Literately it means that you have a “big heart” or a “large heart”. It is used to describe the chest which inflates or which gets tighter when you are sad or anxious.