About Us

The Gang:
We all stranded in O.C., California with our partners and found each other realizing that we share the same passion: creating stuff. We started to teach each other certain skills or particular recipes from our respective countries. Our world is very global and we can get nearly all the same information through the internet but it is always nicer and more fun to learn about other countries’ specialities through locals. It helps each of us to feel a bit at home, not losing our roots and share new and old ideas. This blog should help us to keep motivated in staying creative.


I am very bubbly. And talkative. Oh and also slightly greedy. Organized; yes sometimes. Daydreaming; often. Distracted; too much. I love D.I.Y. stuff and German children audio books especially whilst cooking. I enjoy to learn children songs on my keyboard and I can laugh my bum off when listening to the Flight of the Concords. I am highly experienced in inventing silly dances in the car when 90’s music is on. Also I am pretty dedicated in developing my German & French accent skills. And I feel a bit like a hippy with a flower in my hair when riding my old crappy bike with broken gears and a great front basket. I do love hot summer rain and the following smell of wet soil. I am horribly impatient; I want to do a zillion things at once and I have a hard time to finish a project. That’s why this blog is a challenge and a great adventure for me.

I’m a simple Portuguese girl, living a really happy life. I’m an optimist, with a constant uplifting look towards life, even if things are looking bad. I believe that everything happens for a reason. I’m friendly and love to help people, I feel great when I do that. I’m an open minded person that loves to see what the World has to offer and what we can offer back to the World and always learn whilst doing it. I’m currently working with the girls on this blog and everything that comes with it. In addition to that I also work with photography. I love my friends, family, pets, going to the cinema, long walks, driving, chat with people, be creative and productive, etc. So, yeah, this is me, if you wanna see more about us, just browse through our blog and find out. 🙂

I’m 26 years old and I was born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden. I lived in Sweden for the first 24 years of my life, before I moved to California with my husband. I love animals, definitely a dog person, I volunteer at an Animal Shelter where I get to play around with adorable doggies once a week. I love to smile and have fun, but I’m also extremely stubborn and like having things my way, and I’m always honest, perhaps even when I shouldn’t be. I love, love, love to bake, but that could be because I’m the world’s biggest sugarholic. I’m slowly waiting for the days when my teeth start falling out, knowing it will be worth it!

I’m a 22 year old Brazilian girl who loves to cook, get crafty and be creative. I came to California in April 2012 with my husband and I love exploring this place. I learned here that I was just a cat away from being a crazy cat lady. We adopted Liz, the cat, in July, at the Irvine Animal Care Center, the town shelter. I’m also a TVaholic and expert in American Culture (I watched almost all the Real Housewives). Addicted to old movies and musicals too, I have The Sound of Music and The Wizard of Oz soundtracks in a loop in my head.

I like to sneak into Nathalie and Kris’s bed at night and I have the coolest back leg stretching dance in the whole hood. I modestly even would say of the country if not the World. Yes I am very humble. My owners think I secretly smoke cigars and drink scotch. I wonder how they did find out… I also prefer to be called Sir Albert. I very much despise owls because they seem to love me a tiny bit too much.

I’m a little 4-months old puppy, and I was adopted by this family (Lili and her husband), and it’s been awesome so far. I love playing with my toys and with my family, I’m really energetic and super curious. On top of that, guess what?  I’m very friendly as well! When I see a dog, I always get crazy and start running around and jump around them, sometimes my mom gets scared when I do this kind of stuff because I’m fearless. I really enjoy taking walks with my parents, especially during the weekend since we are always discovering new and exciting places. I’m extremely happy to be part of this team! Yeah!!!:)

I’m a lovely 9 months old cat. I have a very strict routine: wake up my humans at 7am by licking their faces and jumping on their heads; eat at 10am, sleep on my bed by the computer, next to my mommy all the afternoon; and play a lot when my dad gets home from work. My favorite plays are following the laser beacon, getting inside all kind of boxes and chasing weird sounds and movements. Oh, and I also have a dog (Bolt) as a best friend.


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