We are on a break!


When we decided to take a break from the blog, I immediately heard Ross’ famous “We were on a break!” line inside my head. The only difference is that we’re not Ross & Rachel and that we are totally okay with that (Friends-lovers will love me right now).

Now, let me tell you why we are taking this break.

Life changes. People change. Goals change. That’s life and that’s completely normal. We’ve been discussing about a lot of things concerning the blog and last Sunday, Lili, Nat and I got together and talked a little bit more about these things. We came to the conclusion that right now we’re having other priorities and taking different paths, and this project doesn’t suit us at the moment. That’s the only reason. We do not hate each other and will not make it on “The Real Housewives of Irvine”.

It doesn’t mean that we’ll end the blog and will never post again. We are just letting time tell us what decision we’d like to make.

Although our blog is small, we’d like to thank everyone who supported us. Every comment, Facebook like/share and post like meant the world to us; these things really made us happy. Even ghost readers, thank you so much for your visit! It was such a good feeling when we saw people from all over the world accessing our blog. We’d also like to thank our guest writes, Flora and Renatah, for the amazing contributions.


Beautiful weather while we were deciding the blog’s future

Thank you, everybody! Hope to see you soon.

-Gabriela, Liliana and Nathalie


3 thoughts on “We are on a break!

  1. Will miss your blog which we enjoyed a lot.
    All the best to all of you,
    with love from Martine and Hans in Bad Soden

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