Music in your mail

Music mail 6

Already 4 years! A project which is already going on for 4 years and who is still not coming to an end. What am I talking about? Well in March-April 2009 my friend Marit from the Netherlands came to visit me in Germany and after a few drinks and hours of musical conversation we decided to send each other every month a cd of a band or artist, the other might not know.

Music mail 4

Nowadays we always give USB sticks to friends which are full of music but usually we never really get through them because of the huge amount of music at once. So it had to be only one cd per month and about one artist only so that we have time to discover this artist during the month.

Music mail 3

Since I moved to the U.S. I have been terrible because I never sat down to make new cds for Marit… until now!

Music mail 1

The fun thing about creating those cds is also to design the covers. We are even considering making our own photos if we are inspired.

Music mail 2

I love this project until now! There is nothing nicer than getting a packet in your mailbox between all the bills and ads and then putting on a cd and discovering new sounds. Thanks to Marit I discovered for example a lovely Dutch artist called Pien Feith. She is definitely not known enough if you ask me!

Music mail 5

So let’s get old school and send cds to your friends! It is fun and the great thing… you might get something back in return!

Music mail 7



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