Brazilian Candy Shop


So, I’m in Brazil! My husband and I came last week to spend three weeks with our friends and family. That’s why I’ve been away from the blog; and I miss it very much!

First we went to São Paulo.  It’s a busy busy city! I love it there because everyday we always have something different to do; but one thing I couldn’t stand was the crazy traffic. I knew it was like that, but now it’s even worse. Besides traffic, everything was perfect. We went to some very nice restaurants and shops; and today I’ll talk about a specific place.

Do you remember Flora? She writes here sometimes and she is from São Paulo. She was very nice with us there, and we spend a whole afternoon going to malls and shops (without the husbands, of course :P).  We went to a mall called Pátio Paulista first. Things are a bit expensive there, but some things are totally worth it.

For instance, we went to a little shop called Brigaderia. They only sell brigadeiros, it’s very cool! Brigadeiro are very famous (and yummy) Brazilian candies. They are made of cocoa powder, sweet condensed milk and butter. The texture of those candies is very smooth and sticky; they are also very sweet. It’s a very simple recipe, but the owner of Brigadeira created tons of different variations of the same base recipe. We found there brigadeiro with capirinha, lemon, white chocolate, crispy brigadeiro, and, of course, the traditional one too!

IMG_2465 IMG_2477 IMG_2481 IMG_2487 IMG_2503 IMG_2507 IMG_2543 IMG_2545 IMG_2547

Stay tuned to learn how to make brigadeiro, I’ll soon post the recipe here. 😉



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