Is it possible to live a healthy lifestyle in the USA?

Hi guys,
Renatah blog

My name is Renatah, I’m 21 years old and I’m from Horta – Portugal. I have known Lili for a few years now, although we’ve never met in person, we are great friends and our love for music was what brought us together. Now I live in South Windsor, Connecticut and I absolutely love it! New England is a great traditional place to live in!

Like many other people when I first moved to the United States, I was so overwhelmed by all the foods that I never seen before and I wanted to try everything, but for me it didn’t last long, my appetite became different and my taste buds weren’t very happy with my eating habits.

I am a vegetarian by choice and this is a very important subject to me. To me being a vegetarian it means more than respecting all living things, it is also about my health, meat is not good for our type of bodies. When humans in the past moved from the Equador to Northern Regions of the Globe, it was very hard to find food during the winter and that is why, men started eating meat to SURVIVE. But in our days, we go to the supermarket and there are no seasons, everything is available and she should take a little advantage of this commodity. We can pretty much eat anything without eating animals.

So the answer to my question is yes! We can totally live a healthy long life while living here,


and let me say that it is very hard, but it pays off in the long run.

And here’s why. Take cattle for an example, these animals are given growth hormones to make them gain weight and grow faster, and the public consuming dairy products and meat are exposed to many health risks, like increased risk of cancer. Milk here in America is genetically modified and contains genetically engineered bovine growth hormones (rBGH) and it is very dangerous for our health and it was banned in Canada and Europe.


What should we do?

When shopping for milk look for “No rBGH” and Organic Milk. You can also look for healthy alternatives like Coconut Milk (great source of protein), Almond Milk (10% of daily recommended Vitamin D), Soy Milk (8% iron).


When shopping for meat I recommend buying a few alternatives that are much healthier, cheaper and tastier like Tofurkey Italian Sausage which is a vegan product that is cholesterol-free, with 8 grams of fiber, 29 grams of protein as opposed to traditional pork italian sausage that contains 65mg of cholesterol.


(See how tasty this tofurky pizza looks?)


Produce is also something we should pay attention to.

Here in America more is always better, so it was necessary to start giving pesticides and genetically modified organisms to our produce, and this is very bad for our health, because pesticides are absorbed and cause cancer and birth defects.

I recommend that when shopping for produce you should look for 100% organic USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) approved produce which are free of any chemicals and have way more nutrients and taste so much better!


The bottom line is that organic here in America is the key, if you consume organic you shouldn’t worry about any kind of health problems, and your energy levels will be so much higher.

Here are some brands I love and once you try it I guarantee you will not want to go back to your old eating habits:

Nature’s Promise

Organic Valley

Amy’s Kitchen

Newman’s Own Organic

and of course you wanna check out your local farmer’s market!


Where to find all of these products?

Whole Foods Market

Trader Joe’s


Stop and Shop

It was a pleasure sharing some of my thoughts food related with all of you, this is a very important matter to me and even though sometimes it might be a little more expensive it pays off in the long run, IT’S OUR HEALTH!

If you have any other tips or ideas please share because I would love to add some new ideas to my plate!

Renatah 😉


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