Grilled Yoghurt Salmon

Salmon 5

Kris and I love fresh fish. However we are not really fan of fried fish. We like it either simply  grilled or baked with lemon or with a nice marinade. Kris would usually do an Indian inspired marinade (he is all about Indian food!), I tried a recipe with a yoghurt marinade from my German cooking book. Quick, simple, easy and… very tasty!

What you’ll need:

3 garlic cloves
1 piece of fresh ginger (about 1 cm)
1 red chilli (I used a dried one since I didn’t have any fresh at home. Here is depends how much eat you can and want to handle)
1 tsp of coriander seeds
1 tsp of cumin seeds
1 tsp of sweet paprika powder
1 pinch of cinnamon powder
2 tbsp of lemon juice
250 of creamy yoghurt
4 pieces of salmon filets (about 160 g each)
Aluminium foil (if you grill over charcoal)
A bit of olive oil for the coating

And here comes the nice and easy procedure:

Salmon 1

1. Peel the garlic and the ginger and cut them in very little pieces. Wash the chilli and cut finely.

Salmon 2
2. Heat a small pan, toast the coriander and the cumin seeds (stir!) for roughly 1 minute until they spread a nice spicy smell.Poor in a mortar and grind them.

Salmon 3

3. Add the paprika, cinnamon, lemon juice and the yoghurt and mix well. Season the marinade with salt.

Salmon 4

4. Either turn on you BBQ or you oven grill (this was my option this time). On the BBQ put the aluminium foil and grill the fish on it for roughly 10 minutes. Turn once. It you grill the fish in the oven as I did: put the fish in a greased baking dish. I added the left over of the marinade and put it on top for extra flavour. Grill again for roughly 10 minutes.

Salmon 6

5. It is tasty with some fresh bread and a nice salad. Lovely spring or summer dish! Enjoy!



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