Little hand-made creature

little creature 9

With a few friends we decided to meet up once in a while to do some sewing. I am still a bloody novice when it comes to sewing. My problem is that I still always want to make to complicated projects to start with. I’d better follow my friends Susi & Jess who decided to make that day simple pillows. Anyway I ended up creating a little outer space. It was simple enough to practice simple straight lines and have the occasional turns.

What you’ll need:
– Some fabric for the body and a plain colour for the face
– Some little eyes to stick on (much quicker to realise but not recommended for small infants. If it is meant for a baby, I would suggest to sew some eyes on the little man)
– A button or anything else to make the little creature more attractive!

little creature 3

1. Decided on how your little man should look like, draw it on paper and cut the pattern out. Make sure to add a generous border everywhere for the seam.

little creature 1

Little Albert was very busy with his beloved ropelittle creature 4

2. Then draw the pattern on the fabric you chose working with. Use two pieces of fabric. One for the front and one for the back of the little creature. Then cut it out.little creature 5

3. Next part: Pin the two pieces of fabric together, making sure that on both sides it shows the ‘inside’ of the creature (we will turn it onto the right side once we finish sewing. Now sew along the needles making sure to keep a part open to turn it  around. I suggest to keep the opening along one leg since it the easiest from there to access all areas of the fabric.

little creature 2

You always need a few treats during creative sessions!

little creature 6

4. It still looks quite funny. The important part is now to use some stuffing to fill out the little man.once it is well filled, close the area along the leg. To close it, simply sew by hand.

I then cut out of a white piece of fabric little ears and a ‘face’. I glued them all with a glue especially made for fabric. Then I added the little eyes and a big fat black button.

little creature 7 These are the awesome pillows made by Susi & Jess.

little creature 8

Get creative and awake lots of little creature to life!



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