The Groves Antique Market

Irvine Markets1

Kris is a typical man when it comes to shopping: he simply doesn’t like it. Full stop. One thing we can agree on though, is browsing through flea markets and antique markets. We’ve been pretty lucky, since the past few days have been so beautiful weatherwise. So what a great reason to visit the Groves Antique Market in Irvine! Little Albert had a blast too, meeting lots of four-legged friends. Irvine Markets2 Irvine Markets3Irvine Markets17Irvine Markets4 Irvine Markets5 Irvine Markets6 Irvine Markets7 Irvine Markets9Irvine Markets8Irvine Markets10IMG_1528Irvine Markets16Irvine Markets11Irvine Markets12Irvine Markets13Irvine Markets15Irvine Markets20Irvine Markets21Irvine Markets18Irvine Markets22We even discovered that Irvine has a pretty community garden with happy looking chickens!

I hope you had a beautiful weekend too!



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