Laminated Bookmarks


I am constantly reading other blogs and visiting Pinterest, looking for new and interesting ideas. I can’t remember now where I saw a craft using a thermal laminator machine. I don’t know why I was then so obsessed to get one, I felt like I couldn’t live without this machine. So, yes, I placed an order on Amazon.

“What is this thing?”

Maybe I do know why it fascinated me so much. While I was at the University in Brazil, my internship was to teach Portuguese, English and Literature classes to Middle and High School kids. I had to prepare lots of fun activities, games and this kind of stuff every week, so the students would like my classes better than the one from the “official teacher”. It worked, because they loved me! I was the one who made exciting games, posters, boards – anything to catch their attention. At home, my room was a mess: adhesive tape everywhere, cardboard, crayons…

One of the things that I used most was adhesive tape. I liked to make card games, so to laminate the cardboard cards, I had to use lots of adhesive tape. I dreamed about having a laminating machine, it would have made my life so much easier.

So I think when I saw a craft being made with a thermal laminator, it woke up the teacher which was sleeping in me.

Now, let’s talk about the first thing I’ve done when my laminator arrived. Since I love to read, I decided to make some cute bookmarks. I have a collection of them (Barnes & Noble have some cute ones), but bookmarks are never too much, right?


I had some old magazines (with thick paper) and some other cute papers. I just trimmed the images, put them between the “laminating sheet”, and let the machine do all the work:



Then, I just trimmed the bookmarks and made a hole, using a hole puncher, on the top of them:


And last but not least, I used some ribbons to make it more pretty:



Cute, huh? And it makes a great personalized gift and party & wedding favors!

Tip: if you don’t have or don’t plan on buying a thermal laminator, you can do the technique that I used at my University time: lay the pic flat, pull out a strip of tape, and carefully lower down, trying to contact the middle first. Then smooth from the middle out to the edges, and repeat on the opposite side. Trim up the tape edges and that’s it! Also a cool laminating project.

P.S: You can use cardboard to make your bookmark thicker, if you’re using a paper that’s not thick enough.

Just be careful not to become a laminating freak (I’m trying!).



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