Happy Fat Tuesday!


Or happy Pancake day!

Or happy Mardi Gras!

Or just, happy lets-stuff-our-faces-and-celebrate-day! (Like I would need a special day for that!) All over the world people are stuffing themselves getting ready for lent, since I’m not really that religious, I just take this opportunity to stuff myself, guilt free! Depending on where you come from, you celebrate it differently, in Sweden we eat something called Semla.

It’s sugar, it’s fat, it’s carbs, it’s delicious!

I found and tried this recipe for the buns, it’s similar to the one I have at home. They turned out fine, I probably wouldn’t use as much flour at once, but I like my dough to be a bit sticky while it’s resting and work in the last flour in the end. There’s nothing worse to me then dry buns.


Fresh soft buns, I could eat them just like this, it’d probably be healthier, better not!

This is basically how I make mine, I cut off a “lid”, this time I shaped my “lids” into fun shapes. Then I scoop out the bread inside the bun and place it in a bowl. I mix the scooped out bread with almond paste, a splash of milk and some whipped cream. When it’s properly mixed together I put it back in the bun.


The almond mix paste it probably my favorite thing about the Semla.

If they look small, it’s because I made mini Semlor. They are pretty filling, so I made them smaller. After I’ve put the almond paste back in, I whip my cream, yes I whip it myself, apparently that’s very strange in America. Today I colored my whip cream too, I was feeling childish!


Decorated with some Valentine’s hearts

I might have had some (read all of them) for breakfast.

And some extra almond paste.

Totally guilt free!


Happy Fat Tuesday Everyone, where ever in the world you are!



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