Today I’m gonna show you another way to cook shrimps, and it’s really tasty and even better, it’s super easy.

You’re gonna need:
1 onion
1 garlic
2 tomatoes
2 carrots (little ones)
1 piece of laurel
Olive (as you like)
Salt (as you like)
Pepper (as you like)
Shrimps (as you like)


First of all, you have to cut everything into little pieces, except the carrots, with them you should scratch until you get a little slices.
After that, you should take a pan and put the onions, garlic, olives and carrots together, like it shows on the photo above, and then the tomatoes. Turn on the fire. After that, mix everything well and let it boil.


When the vegetables look cooked, you have to add a little bit of water, slowly, and mix well again. Like it shows on the photos.


After a while, the smell starts coming to your nose and you’ll notice that it’s time to add the shrimps. Put them in the pan and mix well again.


Let all the things cook for 10 minutes and then turn off the fire. And it’s ready to attack.
Serve these shrimps with rice. You can be creative and put in the rice whatever you like. 🙂
I put peas and corn, and it was delicious. 😛


Have fun in the kitchen and be creative with your vegetables!
Enjoy it.



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