Photoshop: Lomo Design


Don’t we all love Instagram and all the other apps which offer you plenty of nice filters to make your picture look awesome no matter what is in the picture or how you frame it? Filters seem to help to make boring picture look more exiting.

Sometimes however I prefer to keep my photos unprocessed since I love making photos with my DSLR. Last month, I was in Australia visiting my family-in-law and I had the chance to make a lot of beautiful photos. The nature, the landscapes, the fauna just seem so inspiring there!

Anyway I thought I’d play around a little bit with Photoshop and built a Lomo effect. You do know those really cool Lomo cameras. Yes analogue cameras which always have a nice colour effect and look sort of old school.

So here we go, I will show you how to make your own lomo effect on any photo you like. You simply need Photoshop. This effect is done within minutes.

First choose a picture you want to apply the effect on and open it in Photoshop. I chose one of a cockatoo I made in Townsville, Queensland.


Then what I usually do I adjust the brightness levels to make sure the full colour range comes out on the photo.

Levels1 Levels2

Just move the black and white ‘triangle’ closer to the black ‘mountain’. Here I just had to make a little adjustment in the darker area.


The result is subtle but effective. With the levels adjustment you can obviously go a bit more crazy. Just give it a try.

Now going to the Lomo effect, you will first have to change the colours a touch.

Click in your layer-window the ‘layer adjustment’-button and then click ‘Levels’. You will see  a new layer appearing over the background layer.

Level layer1      Level layer2

Once you have clicked ‘Levels’, the adjustment window will open. In the dropdown menu, choose the colour ‘red’ and move the little black and white triangle cursor towards the middle.

Level layer3      Level layer4

It will change the colours of your picture and give you already a lomo-look.Lomo4

Now we want to make a black-shade around the picture to finalise the lomo-effect.

First click in your ‘Layer’-window and make sure you click on the background layer.

Then go to the ‘Filter’-tab and click ‘Lens Correction’.


Once the Lens-correction window is open click on the ‘Custom’-tab. Then put the Vignette to -100 (Amount). Click OK.vignette3

Now you have a photo with a lomo-effect!Lomo5

Again to compare both pictures:

Lomo1      Lomo5

I made a few more examples just to give you an idea how this simple effect looks like in different situations.


koala1 koala2



Happy Lomo-effecting and I hope the explanation was clear enough!



2 thoughts on “Photoshop: Lomo Design

  1. En effet le réultat est convaincant. Le petit kangourou est trop mignon… tu aurais du le ramener cela aurait fait un compagnon à Albert!
    J’essaierai à l’occasion d’utiliser Photoshop, Je dois dire que cela me fait un peu “peur” … mais avec un peu de patience je devrais y arriver.
    Bonne journée à toi et à tes girls !

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