Personalised Recipe Present

recipe present 9

Last Thanksgiving our friend Geoff invited us to spend this special day/ weekend with his family. So off we were to Reno. I felt I needed to make a little present for his family for welcoming us so kindly on such a family gathering. Since I enjoy baking, I thought to make little bags with cookies so everybody could take some home. After the weekend, my friend Geoff texted me to ask me if I could send the cookie recipe to his grand ma’. I was really delighted! Then I thought that sending the recipe by email was just a little bit boring. Also this particular recipe (Speculacius) needs a mixture of several spices. Since I made a batch of this mix spice, I had the idea to send the recipe by postal mail and send a sample of the mix spice so that Geoff’s grand ma’ could start baking right away. Packing the spices in a plastic bag is a bit dull, therefore I made the whole present a bit more attractive by sewing a little bag for the spices. It is a very simple idea, this post should really just inspire you to send more by mail, and take time to make home-made presents.

What you’ll need if you want to send a recipe to someone special:

recipe present 1

The idea of the little bag spice came from my tote bag post.

recipe present 2

Simply iron the little piece of fabric.

recipe present 3

Just like in the tote bag tutorial, you fold the top…

recipe present 4

… and pin the two sides you will want to sew.

recipe present 5

Then proceed to the sewing process. Two lines of stitches on each side are better to make sure that the bag is well sealed.

recipe present 6

And here we go: A tiny little bag where you can hide the ugly plastic bag which contains the spice mixture.

recipe present 7

To make sure that it doesn’t fall out, pinch in a little button into the fabric.

recipe present 8

Now rap up the recipe to make it look pretty too as well and fit the spices bag.

recipe present 9

And here we go: a personalised recipe which becomes a real present! Tell me that it is as good as a simple email!

Hope you’ll get inspired again to lick a few stamps and send out little presents to your beloved ones!



4 thoughts on “Personalised Recipe Present

    • Glad she received it! It was really late. I wanted to post it before leaving for OZ but the post office was already closed 😦 So it was a belated Christmas gift!

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