San Francisco – Bernal Heights

bernal hillBernal Heights is one of my favorite places in San Francisco. You really feel home in this neighbourhood. It is one of those places where houses are so colourful and on very steep streets. When I am there, I have to go up to Bernal Heights Park. From the East side you will have the best view over Downtown SF (of course!) but more importantly on a clear day you’ll be able to see the Golden Gate Bridge! I have been on a few hills so far in the city and the Golden Gate Bridge was always hidden by something (mostly another hill) else.

If you like Farmer’s Markets there is one on Saturdays: Alemany Farmer’s Market (100 Alemany Boulevard, San Francisco, CA 94110). Lots of nice fruits and veggies, also sun dried apples but pears (yum!). The food trucks are apparently very good. But you should not miss “the hummus guy”! Guess what he is selling! And take a bag of Lemon Pita Chips on his stall with any hummus version you like! They are really addictive!

Cortland Avenue is the main street in this neighborhood and it is really nice to browse around on that street. Small shops, cafés and restaurants. I tested are the Sandbox, Moki’s and the Liberty Café.

Sandbox (833 cortland avenue) does marvelous baked goods, great with your morning coffee, which you can get there of course too. I can’t suggest any baked goods specifically so far all I had were delicious.

If you’d like a proper cooked breakfast then go to the Liberty Café (410 Cortlanda Avenue). They have a delicious home-made chai tea and the eggs Florentine are very tasty.

In the evening I like to go to Moki’s (615 Cortland Avenue) a very delicious sushi place. Very original sushis and fairly filling too!


Bon appetit!



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