Carrot Sweets – Bolinhos de Cenoura


In Portugal it’s usual to eat this sweets on Christmas and New Year, but it can be eaten whenever you want. It’s very simple to do and super sweet, tasty and funny. I’ll teach you how to do it.

You’ll need:
1kg carrots
1 cinnamon stick
150g cornstarch
150g sugar
Sugar and cinnamon

First you have to peel the carrots and cut them in pieces, like it shows in the photos, and put the carrots in one pan with cold water and with the cinnamon stick.

Only then you turn on the fire and let it boil.


After it boils for a while and the carrots are cooked, you have to mash them and mix them a bit.

IMG_0466 - Copy

Add the cornstarch to the carrots and mix well.


After you add the cornstarch and mix it well, you have to add the sugar and mix well again.


In another pan, you should put the oil until it covers half the pan and let the oil boil, that means that the oil is really hot, as it should be. Now start putting some “balls” in there and let them cook.


Leave the “balls” on the boiling oil for a couple minutes, simply make sure they look the same as the picture on your right, take them off by then.


Now that you took the “balls” off the oil you should let them dry on a kitchen paper and when they cool down merge them into sugar and cinnamon so they will taste better in the end.

Bolinhos e canela

So, that’s it, easy peasy. 🙂 Hope you like it and you can easily do it.




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