Swedish sticky cake – Kladdkaka

Bild 4

This is the cake that take 10 minutes to mix together, ten minutes to bake, ten minutes to cool down and ten minutes to eat! Well almost anyway, here in America I’m still trying to perfect it, my oven here isn’t quite the same as back home in Sweden and I can’t really get the stickiness to come out just right, but it’s always delicious.  I have never had any leftovers, usually because I eat whatever is left myself. It’s chocolate, it’s sticky, it’s, it’s… perfect!

This is a very classic recipe, I think all of my friends in Sweden has a different one. One of my friends added salt in hers, just a teaspoon or so, but it turned out just as good.

Here goes, grab:

100 g Butter

200 g Sugar

2 Eggs

90 g Flour

3 tbsp Cocoa (or however much you want… yes, that’s a hint to add more!)

1 tsp Vanilla sugar (or extract, vanilla sugar is something we have in Sweden, that I’ve yet to find here)

1. Preheat oven to 400°F

Bild 2

2. Melt butter, remove the pot from stove and mix in sugar and eggs. (You don’t need a bowl, you can just mix together all the ingredients in the pot). Add flour, cocoa and vanilla. (Taste! Want more chocolate, add! That’s what I always do!)

Bild 1

4. Butter the pan you’re using for the cake, I use a round one with removable sides. Pour in some coconut, you can use bread crumbles if allergic, and shake around in the pan so they stick to the form.

Bild 3

5. Pour the batch into the form and into the oven you go, well the cake anyway. Bake for approximately 10 minutes or more. I baked mine longer, because it came out too sticky. You want the edges to be firm, but the middle to be gooey and sticky. In case you would happen to take it out too soon and think it’s too sticky, then let it rest a couple of hours in the fridge and it will set.

Otherwise dig in!

Bild 5

Now that’s yumminess!!



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