Swedish Christmas Candy

Like I mentioned in my previous post, Swedes like to stuff their faces around Christmas, especially with sweets. This year I decided to try my hands on white chocolate fudge with dry roasted coconut and marzipan dipped in chocolate.

White chocolate fudge:

100 ml Heavy cream

255 g granulated Sugar

100 g Butter

1 tbsp Honey

75 g White chocolate, shredded

1 tsp Vanilla

1/2 cup shredded coconut

In a pot, boil together cream, sugar, butter and honey. Let boil until the mixture reaches 125°C / 257°F. Stir the entire time as the mixture boils. It will take some time for it to reach the correct temperature, so be patient. The mix will about triple in size as it’s cooking, so make sure to take a big enough pot. When the mixture is ready, take it of the stove, let it cool for a minute or two, then stir in the chocolate and vanilla. When all chocolate is melted pour the batter into a buttered form clad with parchment paper and let it cool. Quickly dry roast the coconut in a pan, I burnt my first batch, so I had to do a new one. Spread out the coconut in the fudge and let it cool in the fridge, then cut into small pieces. Because I burnt my first batch of coconut, the fudge had already dried when I put them on and it would stick, so when I cut the fudge the coconut simply fell off, so I chose to remove it completely.

Yummy chocolate fudge, also know as "Nathalie-Ate-Them-All-Fudge"

Yummy chocolate fudge, also know as “Nathalie-Ate-Them-All-Fudge”

Marzipan dipped in chocolate, uh I was suppose to flavor the marzipan with glögg and orange juice and other things, but I totally spaced out when I was baking. Do not watch TV when you’re baking, you forget what you are doing! Anyway so these are basically just marzipan dipped in chocolate. But they are still delicious if you like marzipan, which I do, have I mentioned I am a sugarholic?? SUGAR!!!

Work your marzipan in to the shape you want them.

Work your marzipan into the shape you want them.

If you guys want to flavor you marzipan before you dip it in chocolate, then it’s very simple, just take a little marzipan and a teaspoon of whatever you want to flavor it with and work it in. You can have the marzipan in a plastic bag, while you are working it, that way it won’t stick to your fingers. Taste and if you want more flavor, simply add!

Dip them in yummy lovely chocolate and decorate with whatever you love

Dip them in yummy lovely chocolate and decorate with whatever you love

Nathalie was having a moving in party, so I gave her some of the Swedish Candy as a moving in present.

Get fat Nath... I mean, uh, Happy new home Nathalie and Chris!

Get fat Natha…, uh, I mean, Happy new home Nathalie and Kris!

Have fun stuffing your faces everyone, I know I will!



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