Fabric-covered hangers

One day I was surfing the web and I found this really simple and cute idea of covering hangers with a piece of fabric. I can’t remember where I saw it, maybe on Pinterest. Anyway, I tried it and liked it a lot. It can work as a sun glasses holder, necklaces holder or even in the most conventional way — just a place to hang your clothes on.

Here’s what you’ll need: foto1 – Any type of hanger; – Nice fabric; – School glue; – Spray adhesive. If you don’t have spray adhesive you can use just the school glue, I think it should work as well. I just used the spray to make sure the fabric would stay firmly on the hanger.


First, cut a large strip of fabric. Don’t worry about measurements, it won’t make any difference when you cover your hanger. Just make sure it’s quite long.


Let’s begin with the top part of the hanger. Spray the tip of your hanger with spray adhesive and fix your fabric down.


Don’t worry about the glue showing through the fabric, it will dry and disappear. Make sure you leave the tip of your fabric out of the hanger, we will fold it back later.


Now, just pass the fabric through the top part, clockwise direction. Make firm movements so that the fabric won’t be loose; it must be very tight to the hanger.


Now it’s time to finish the top part. Cut the excess of fabric and glue the end tip to the hanger already with fabric. You can use both school glue and spray adhesive to make sure it will be really glued together.


And now we’re going to give a better finish to this part. Fold back the tip that we left at the top of the hanger and glue it. Cut a small square of fabric and put it on the top of this “folding”, just to give it a better look.


It’s time to do the “body” of the hanger. Repeat the same steps from the top: glue the tip of the fabric on the hanger and keep covering it, doing clockwise movements, making sure it’s really tight to the hanger.


If you run out of fabric, don’t freak out. It happened to me here. Just cut another long piece of fabric and continue covering it.


Because the top of the hanger stays in the way, in this part we can’t continue doing the circular movements. Just cut another small square of fabric and glue the part of the hanger that is not covered. Also cut out any annoying thread that keeps getting out of the fabric. And…


Tad-ah! A 99 cents hanger looks much nicer.


You can use it in many ways. I am using this one as a necklace holder. I put it in my bathroom.


I made this one a couple of months ago. It’s close to my front door and I use it to hold sun glasses and keys. Looks cute, right?

Hope you all like it, and let me know if any of you give it a try! I would love to see pics as well.



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