Photoshop: Neon Curls

neon dancing 2

The page “Inspire” is our “miscellaneous” page. We will occasionally have posts which do not fit in any of the other categories. In order to find them easily we decided to create this extra page. We hope you’ll find interesting topics which may inspire you!

I start today this page with a Photoshop tutorial. I learned Photoshop basics during my apprenticeship in the audio-visual industry. However since it was not my focus, my knowledge remained very basic. Over the past few years my interest in this program kept on growing and I started to teach myself some new skills on it. Let me tell you: YouTube is your friend when it comes to learning new software.



I started to first adjust the contrast on the original photo (Image > Adjustements> Levels & Brightness/ Contrast). To make the coloured swirls I followed this tutorial. It took me a bit of time but even after many months I still like the result of it a lot. It is really not that tricky if you follow the tutorial step by step! Give it is shot!

neon dancing 2


Give it a try!



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