Home-made Calendar

Calendare 9 Every year I like to make calendars for family and friends. In Germany they sell a lot of empty calendars where you simply glue your photos or any artwork you may like to do. Living in many different places in the past few years, I have found it sometimes tricky to find those calendars. Therefore I have ordered a few times calendars online. They are nice too but I thought it could be a great challenge to make a calendar from scratch. And it is really not that difficult.

Calendare 1

You simply need:

Sticky tape or glue (I prefer to use the sticky tape, it is less messy)
Cardboard or any thicker paper you may like to use (I used those scrapbook papers. The size was 20 cm x 20 cm)
Stickers (or anything else you’d like to put on your calendar to make it look pretty)
– A hole puncher
– Some thread
– You might also need a pair of scissors to cut the thread and a pen to draw the grid.

Calendare 2

1. This is the longest part: Making the grid for the calendar. Figure out what size you want to make each grid. And then measure and draw it. It takes really a bit of time. Watch a movie meanwhile or listen to an audio book to make this task more entertaining. Alternatively you can make a grid on the computer and then print it out. But I believe the hand-made version is nicer to look at.

Calendare 3

2. Now fix the photos on each page. Make sure you put them upside down to the calendar grid since you want to flip the pages, right?

Calendare 4

3. Embellish each page with what ever you like. I still prefer to keep it simple but be as creative as you like! Also you can embellish the calendar grid: I added a few stickers here and there on the grid.

Calendare 5

4. Now it’s time to make the holes to get the thread through. It is important that the holes are aligned. I helped myself with the little black stick which comes with the hole puncher so that all pages are nicely stacked (you can see the black stick on the top left of the calendar).

Calendare 6

5. Now get the thread through the holes. Lay the calendar like on the picture. Allow enough room for the thread so that you can easily flip the pages without breaking the paper.

Calendare 7

6. Last but not least make a hole at the bottom of each page to allow to hang up the calendar on a hook.

Calendare 10

Surprise your beloved ones with good memories! The great thing about calendars: they are useful for at least 365 days!



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