DIY: customized dish towels

This is the first post in the “Do” section of the blog. Here, the girls and I are going to post sewing and DIY tutorials, craft projects and a bunch of nice ideas to make your things look unique.

Today I’ll show you how to make a cute dish towel. It looks great and took only 20 minutes of my time! It can embellish your kitchen in a functional way, or it can be a nice Christmas gift for friends and family. I found it in an awesome blog called Craftiness is not Optional.

What you’ll need:


– Dishtowel;
– Nice fabric.

Huge list of materials, right?

Now let’s do it! First, you need to cut the fabric according to the size of your dish towel. Mine was 18 inches wide, so I cut my fabric 19 by 4 inches.

Next you’ll have to lay the fabric down, wrong side up. Now with your iron, press the edges in about 1/2 inch:


Flip over and put the strip in the center of your dish towel, pin it down, and (the best part now) go to the sewing machine!


Finally, topstitch around bottom and side edges:




That’s it! Now have fun choosing your cute fabric and go make some dish towels! This is also a good opportunity to be creative: you can sew different strips together and put it in your towel, like a patchwork thing. Just use your imagination 🙂



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