Hello! Olá! Salut! Hej! Hallo! Hola!


Here we are. First post. It happened sort of quickly. Nathalie meets Gabriela, asks her about a bloging project. Gabi says she wanted to make one for a long time. So did Nathalie.

They asked their crafty friends Carolina and Lili if they were interested to join to make the blog more alive. Now we have sort of a structure in mind as to how this blog should be. Most probably it will change over time since we have too many ideas to keep it organised at all times.

Believe us, when we meet we chat a lot and we lose sometimes the main focus (luckily Lili is there to remind us of that, ’cause Carolina and Nathalie have too much to say and Gabriela tries to stay zen in between). But this is the fun part of it!

On top of that, we started to bring our pets to the meetings and we found that interesting because they have so much energy and it rubs of on us. And it makes the meetings even more chaotic.

We hope we can inspire those who will stumble over this page and make them want to come back again to have more ideas or share their own projects.

Gabi, Lili, Carro & Natha


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